How to Install a Residential Wheelchair Lift

Installation of a wheelchair lift may sound like a big project for those who have never done it before. However, professionals say that if you have hands and some instructions, you will have no troubles with doing so. Below you can find a list of tips for every step of the process.


Very often the need for a wheel chair lifting equipment comes unexpectedly, so don’t stress out. If you know that you will need a lift soon, order it as early as you can because it takes 3 to 5 weeks to arrive. While waiting for the lifting equipment, decide on where it will be installed. In case you have a non-residential facility, make sure to consult with an expert in solutions for lifting equipment to ensure that you don’t break any norms and regulations. Keep in mind that you may need to get additional electricity line for the lift. Check the upper landing and ensure that it’s solid, level and structurally sound.

Choosing the lift

To choose the proper lifting equipment you first of all need to measure your home or building and ensure that all solutions for lifting equipment can be fit. Then think about the configuration of your lift. If you are not sure about the proper model, consult your doctor about your future needs and then discuss it with your expert in solutions for lifting equipment.


When the time for installation is approaching you need to ensure that everything is ready. Call your electrician to double-check condition of the electricity system in your home; consult with a plumber who knows all plumbing secrets in your how to ensure that the installation does not influence your overall living conditions. And finalize discussions with the expert in solutions for lifting equipment.
Then before you begin installing read the whole manual for the solutions you purchased so you do not break or damage the unit right after its arrival. Before installing also check the lift for any damage, or twisting. Get some help for installation if possible because the lift itself is pretty heavy, especially the control tower. If you cannot get any help, at least rent a dolly to move the tower into place. 
And, finally, just follow the instructions about putting together the lift and you’re done! Good luck!