6 secrets professional plumbers want you to know

After working with a number of clients and experiencing quite ridiculous cases, plumbers share a few pieces of valuable advice with the homeowners to help them deal with their plumbing issues in a less stressful way, prevent some of the problems and get the best experience when hiring professional plumbers to fix the leak, unclog the drain, etc.

  1. Those flushable baby wipes aren’t really flushable. They’re just tricking you. Throw them in the garbage, but not into the toilet bowl if you don’t want to clog the pipes and pay a plumber for the quick fix.
  2. If you’re looking for a great plumber and don’t want to trust the chance, one of the best options is to contact a provider who has the best reviews on the contractor referral websites or call a plumbing supply store to ask for a recommendation.
  3. Don’t pay by hour, but pay for the job. Most reliable plumbers charge by the service, but not the time they take to provide it anyway, but you should totally stay away from those who demand an hourly pay to save your cash.
  4. Don’t hang anything (like hangers with clothes) onto the exposed pipes. Many people are guilty of doing that in their basements. The thing they might not suspect is that the pipes aren’t designed to bear the additional weight, so they might break under the load of the clothes, carpets, etc. and flood the place.
  5. Learn where your shut-off valves are. The number of times people call in despair not knowing how to shut the water off when the pipes burst and flood their place is just countless. Make sure to figure out where the main valves are and shut them off the first thing after you notice the leak.
  6. Sometimes plumbers are more than glad to check stuff for free. After they finish the job they get called for, they’re more than happy to check on the other plumbing issues you might have in your house free of charge in hopes for a future order. So, don’t be shy and just ask.